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Meghan and Prince Harry Appeared Visibly Anxious in New York

Sonny, a cab driver known as Sukhcharn Singh, shared his experience driving the Prince Harry Duke of Sussex for a brief 10-minute period on Tuesday evening. He recounted picking them up from a local police precinct in Midtown Manhattan.

While the couple’s spokesperson stated that they had endured a relentless pursuit lasting over two hours, Mr Singh, who witnessed a part of the ordeal, did not characterize the drive as a dangerous chase orchestrated by paparazzi.

Dressed in a navy blue shirt, Mr Singh spoke to reporters outside his family’s home in Queens, providing details of the headline-making ride. “I was on 67th Street when the security guard hailed me.

Next thing you know, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan were hopping into my cab,” he recalled. However, their journey encountered a temporary halt due to a garbage truck blocking their way, prompting the paparazzi’s sudden appearance and capturing the moment through their lenses. Just as Prince Harry and Meghan were about to disclose their destination, the security guard decided to return to the police precinct.

“Prince Harry and Meghan looked nervous, I think they were being chased the whole day or something,” Mr Singh shared. “They were pretty nervous, but the security guard, he was on it.” Read the full story.

Meghan and Prince Harry look nervous in New York

In a statement, Prince Harry and Meghan’s spokesperson referred to the incident as a “near-catastrophic car chase” on Tuesday. The New York Police corroborated the occurrence but clarified that while numerous photographers made their transportation challenging, no collisions or injuries were reported.

One of the paparazzi drivers involved in the car chase anonymously spoke to ITV’s Good Morning Britain, describing the tense atmosphere and efforts to keep up with the couple’s vehicle. He mentioned various blocking manoeuvres employed to deter the paparazzi.

Still, he added that if any danger or catastrophe were involved, it likely resulted from the driving skills of the person behind the wheel.

Photo agency Backgrid USA acknowledged receiving photos of the event from their photographers, three of whom were in cars and one who was riding a bicycle.

The agency expressed its commitment to conducting an internal investigation while underscoring the professional responsibility of photographers to cover newsworthy events and public figures like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Backgrid USA clarified that, according to their photographers, there were no near-collisions or near-crashes during the incident.

The couple had been in New York City to attend the Ms Foundation Women of Vision Awards alongside Meghan’s mother, Doria Ragland. Following their departure, when paparazzi pursued them, they sought refuge at a Manhattan police station, where Mr Singh picked them up. Mr Singh did not perceive any immediate danger during their time in his car.

“I don’t think that’s true; I think that’s all exaggerated and stuff like that. Don’t read too much into that,” Mr Singh commented. He further mentioned, “that must have happened before” they entered his taxi. Asserting the safety of New York City, he added, “New York City’s the safest place to be. There are police stations, cops on every corner, there’s no reason to be afraid in New York.”

Mr Singh clarified that the paparazzi were not aggressive during his drive, stating, “They were behind us. I mean, they stayed on top of us, that was pretty much it, it was nothing more. They kept their distance.” Read more about Prince Harry and Meghan.

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