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The Early Fast X Reviews Aren’t Great: Jason Momoa as Villain

Initial critical reviews of Vin Diesel’s Fast X have surfaced, with the film receiving a mixed response. However, one standout aspect that garnered widespread acclaim was Jason Momoa’s performance as the villain in the 10th instalment of the Fast and Furious franchise.

Fast X is set to release in India imminently, it already premised at The Space Cinema Roma Moderno in Rome on May 12 and hit screens across parts of Europe on May 17. Read more.

The film is slated for release in the United States and India on May 19. Following its initial screenings, critics wasted no time in sharing their impressions of the movie, with a particular focus on Momoa’s portrayal.

fast & furious 10 Fast X

Taking to Twitter, numerous critics voiced their opinions on Fast X Movie. The latest addition to the Fast and Furious universe, once again emphasizing the importance of family, received mixed feedback overall. However, it was widely acknowledged that Jason Momoa delivered a standout performance as the villain.

In its review, Variety commented on the film’s new director, Louis Leterrier, and how the first part of the vaguely defined finale seemed meandering.

According to Peter Debruge, a contributor to the publication, “Fast X” suffers from being only half a story, serving as an elaborate reunion of all the A-list characters introduced in the previous nine movies. The review also mentions the film’s tendency to start and stall, ultimately building up to a cliffhanger.

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While the critical reception to Fast X has been mixed thus far, Jason Momoa’s portrayal as the antagonist has garnered widespread praise, capturing audiences’ attention and leaving a lasting impression. As fans eagerly anticipate the film’s release, they can anticipate an exceptional performance from Momoa amidst the evolving narrative of the Fast and Furious franchise.

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