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Mickey Arthur, Consultant for Pakistani Team

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has announced that former head coach, Mickey Arthur, will be appointed as a consultant for the Pakistan team.

In this article, we will explore the announcement of Mickey Arthur that he will take charge of the Pakistan team in New Zealand.

In an interview, PCB management committee chairman, Najam Sethi, stated that Arthur is scheduled to arrive in Lahore on April 18th and will take charge of the team in one or two series of matches against the Kiwis.

Arthur’s visit has been planned to prepare the team, train them, and brief them on the upcoming series. He will also discuss his plans with Babar Azam and other players to ensure the team is well-prepared for the upcoming matches.

The PCB has always preferred foreign coaching staff for the national team. Sethi explained that foreign coaches avoid politics and are usually more professional. Although professional coaches are available in Pakistan, friendships carry a significant weight in decision-making in our culture.

In professional cricket, where you compete at the highest level, such things should not be present. It is important to fully embrace professional ethics, which is why foreign coaches are necessary.

Mickey Arthur

Sethi’s statement holds when we look at the current state of cricket in Pakistan. In the past, there have been instances where politics and personal relationships have impacted the selection of players and the coaching staff. This has led to a decline in the team’s performance and disappointed the fans.

However, the appointment of Mickey Arthur as a consultant is a step in the right direction for Pakistan cricket. The other big announcement for the Pakistan Cricket team is that Two New Teams will play in PSL.

Arthur has previously served as the head coach of the team and has a wealth of experience in coaching at the international level. His appointment as a consultant will provide the team with the much-needed guidance and direction required to perform at their best.

Moreover, Arthur’s experience and expertise will be instrumental in preparing the team for the upcoming series against New Zealand. The Kiwis are formidable and have always been a tough opponent for Pakistan. The team must be well-prepared to face them and put up a good fight.

In addition to his coaching skills, Arthur’s approach to the game is also noteworthy. He is known for his attention to detail and his focus on discipline and professionalism. These values are crucial for success in cricket, and his emphasis on them will benefit the team.

Overall, the appointment of Mickey Arthur as a consultant for the Pakistan team is a positive development. His experience, expertise, and approach to the game will be instrumental in preparing the team for the upcoming series against New Zealand.

The PCB’s decision to appoint a foreign coach as a consultant is a testament to their commitment to professional ethics and their determination to improve the national team’s performance.



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