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Missing Pakistani Journalist Imran Riaz Khan Returns Home

A Pakistani journalist and YouTuber, Imran Riaz Khan, with more than three million subscribers, was detained in May while he was travelling to Oman.

According to his family and the authorities, a well-known Pakistani journalist who had been missing for more than four months has returned to his home in Sialkot.

The 47-year-old journalist Imran Riaz Khan stated the “space to talk is shrinking in the country, and I am being forced into silence” in a video statement that was broadcast on X, previously Twitter, immediately after his detention on May 11.

The Pakistani journalist, a strong supporter of imprisoned former Prime Minister Imran Khan, stated, “I am leaving the country so that I can continue speaking.” They are unconnected. This Imran Riaz Khan latest news has taken up social media.

Usman Riaz Khan, Imran Riaz Khan’s younger brother, informed Al Jazeera that Imran Riaz Khan arrived home safely on Monday morning.

Sialkot police announced Khan “has been safely recovered” and is currently with his family in a post on X, formerly known as Twitter. However, the location of where the journalist was found was not disclosed by the authorities.

Pakistani Journalist Imran Riaz Khan

The repatriation of the journalist took a while because of “countless difficulties and a weak judiciary,” Mian Ashfaq Ali, Khan’s attorney, told Al Jazeera.

Two days after fatal rioting broke out in Pakistan in protest of Imran Khan’s detention on corruption accusations, Khan was taken into custody.

The journalist Imran Riaz will be released in 24 hours; the police assured a Lahore court four days after the journalist’s arrest. However, he was unable to be found, and the police denied holding him in jail.

No one took credit for Khan’s abduction, but many thought the nation’s potent army-controlled security services had kidnapped him.

Khan’s family requested assistance from the Lahore High Court in locating him. The court on September 20 issued a “last warning” to the police to turn in the fugitive journalist by Tuesday following several sessions. Get the more latest news on Get Top Trends and stay tuned.

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