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Netflix is Cracking Down on Password Sharing All Around the World

Netflix, the leading streaming service, has extended its efforts to combat password sharing in more than 100 countries, including the United States.

To generate additional revenue and combat market saturation, Netflix now alerts users that sharing their accounts outside their households is prohibited. This blog explores the new restrictions, fees, and policies implemented by Netflix.

Expansion of Account Sharing Crackdown

Netflix has initiated a password-sharing crackdown across 103 countries, including major markets such as the United States, France, Germany, and Australia. Read more.

Users are informed through email notifications that sharing their Netflix accounts for free outside their households is prohibited.

This global expansion highlights Netflix’s determination to tackle the issue of account sharing and protect its revenue streams.

Exclusive Use of Netflix Within One Household

According to the emails from Netflix, each account is intended for exclusive use within a single household. To accommodate additional members outside the household, paying customers can add them for an extra fee.

In the United States, this fee amounts to $8 per month. This policy ensures that only authorized users can access Netflix content and services.

Netflix Profile Transfer and Personalization

Netflix is cracking down on password sharing over the world

To provide a seamless user experience, Netflix allows members to transfer profiles, enabling users to retain their viewing history and personalized recommendations. This feature ensures that individuals can continue their Netflix journey uninterrupted, even when using shared accounts within the same household.

Netflix aims to enhance user satisfaction and engagement by catering to individual preferences. That’s why, Netflix is uploading Part 2 of different seasons like Squid Game. So, don’t forget to watch your favourite season on Netflix.

Prioritizing Travel and Household Flexibility

While cracking down on password sharing, Netflix acknowledges the importance of accommodating users’ travel needs and household flexibility.

The new policies still permit members within the same household to share a Netflix account and access it on various devices while travelling. This flexibility ensures legitimate users can enjoy Netflix content seamlessly, regardless of location.

Addressing a Widespread Issue

Netflix’s decision to crack down on password sharing stems from the prevalence of account sharing outside of households. With an estimated 100 million households sharing login credentials.

Netflix recognizes the need to protect its revenue streams and maintain a fair usage policy. These new measures aim to ensure that paying customers can fully enjoy their subscriptions.


As Netflix faces market saturation and strives to generate additional revenue, it takes decisive action against password sharing. By expanding its crackdown to over 100 countries, implementing restrictions, and introducing fees for additional users, Netflix aims to protect its business interests while maintaining flexibility for legitimate users within households and during travel.

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