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Netflix’s Black Knight: A Post-Apocalyptic Korean Drama

Black Knight is a South Korean drama set 50 years in the future, where Earth’s remaining population struggles against the aftermath of global warming. Do not forget to watch on Netflix.

While Squid Game remains one of the most popular Korean TV series, the wait for its second season has left fans seeking alternatives. Black Knight, the latest Korean series on Netflix, could fill that gap for fans of unconventional Asian television with its unique brand of post-apocalyptic storytelling.

If you’re a fan of Mad Max, you will undoubtedly appreciate the action-packed mayhem in Black Knight. Global warming has decimated 99% of the population in this dystopian world. While the show doesn’t delve into how extreme air pollution has impacted the UK in 2071, the fact that Britain’s Got Talent still airs is a telling sign.

Meanwhile, on the Korean peninsula, society has been divided into two factions: the wealthy, who live in walled-off luxury, and the poor, who struggle to survive in dust-caked cities overrun with bikers. However, everyone shares a dire need for oxygen, a precious commodity for which people are willing to kill or die.

Black Knight On Netflix Korean Drama

The heroes in this story are the delivery drivers, nicknamed “Black Knights,” who transport the priceless canisters of oxygen across various zones. Among them, 5-8 (Kim Woo-bin) is the most renowned, capable of delivering air tanks faster than anyone else. This grumpy anti-hero, reminiscent of Mel Gibson’s character in Mad Max, possesses incredible driving skills and a heart of gold.

On the other hand, Ryu Seok (Song Seung-Heon), the ruthless leader of the corporate dictatorship that rules Korea, believes that letting the poor die is the only solution to the population crisis.

While Squid Game had exceptional dialogue, Black Knight is more dependent on special effects. The show’s filming occurred mainly in Mongolia’s Gobi Desert, creating a visually stunning sense of chaos with roaring bikes and wheezing articulated lorries framed by orange dust.

Although Black Knight is too cartoonish to match the global phenomenon of Squid Game, it delivers thrills, spills, and chills with dead-eyed efficiency. For those seeking dystopian escapism, Black Knight is a must-watch post-apocalyptic drama. Here are more seasons like Stranger Things on netfix to watch.

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