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New WhatsApp Feature: User Interface Redesign

WhatsApp, the Meta-owned instant messaging network, has redesigned its user interface with certain upgrades to provide users with a better experience, according to WABetaInfo.

The revised interface is now accessible to iOS users, thanks to the current App Store version update.

According to the WhatsApp news tracker, the new user interface will provide users with a one-of-a-kind experience since a translucent tab and navigation bar have been introduced to the program.

It should be noted that a user interface identical to this one with a translucent look was previously accessible to iOS 7 users but was withdrawn for unclear reasons.

WhatsApp Feature Redesign Interface

On the other hand, the translucent design was pushed out for iPhone users with the current version update on the App Store, according to the WhatsApp news tracker, which confirmed the rollout.

Users may verify if the translucent effect is accessible by opening any program component, as seen in the picture. However, restarting the app after installing the update is required to enable the update.

If you have not yet downloaded the update, try to do so in the coming weeks. Don’t miss to secure your WhatsApp with 2 New Privacy Features.

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