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Noor Jehan Fights for Her Life, KMC Negligence

On Friday, elephant Noor Jehan struggled for a second consecutive day after being rescued from a pond where she had become trapped in her enclosure. Despite this incident, there appears to be little concern regarding the circumstances that led to her becoming trapped in a body of water that ultimately proved fatal.

In this article, we will have a look at the negligence of KMC and how Noor Jehan fights for her life.

Sources have raised questions about why officials responsible for the elephant’s care left the pond in the enclosure open, despite being aware of Noor Jehan’s physical trauma that had left her hind legs partially paralyzed for several months.

The zoo administration’s lack of capacity and training meant they were unaware of the extent of Noor Jehan’s illness, evident from her poor condition and the potential risk of an accident.

One official expressed surprise that zoo staff had failed to recognize the threat posed by the open pond, which had been a constant danger to the young elephant for several months, especially as she had been suffering from internal bleeding for over four months.

Furthermore, the sources also questioned why the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC), responsible for running the zoo, had not yet launched an inquiry into the incident, which could have been easily prevented.

This lack of action is concerning, as Noor Jehan’s condition is critical, and the efforts to save her so far may have been in vain. Don’t go anywhere Click Here to get updates with the latest news. You will find here all you need.

Noor Jehan fights for her life

According to sources, the pond was the only water source available to Noor Jehan, and it was often dirty as it was not replaced regularly. No clean water tub was available for a drink whenever she wanted.

Elephants enjoy playing in the water, especially during summer days, and it is possible that Noor Jehan had fallen into the pond and got stuck, as it was slippery and difficult for her to lift herself.

Mahera Omar, the co-founder of the Pakistan Animal Welfare Society (Paws), who has been working closely with Four Paws and local experts for elephant welfare for several years, commented on the situation. She stated that elephants love to play in the water and that she had sometimes seen Noor Jehan standing on the pond’s edge.

Sources revealed that the KMC has no plans to investigate the incident as it believes no negligence was involved and that the ailing elephant went into the pond on her own and became stuck.

The staff is currently providing round-the-clock care to Noor Jehan and is trying to give her the best possible treatment based on advice from Four Paws.

In conclusion, the tragic incident involving Noor Jehan highlights the need for zoos and organizations responsible for animal welfare to have better training, resources, and plans to prevent such incidents from occurring. All animals under human care must receive the appropriate attention and care to ensure their safety and well-being.

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