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Noor Jehan’s Condition is About to Recover

Experts at the Karachi Zoo are working hard to help Noor Jehan, a 17-year-old African elephant, stand on her feet, as she has been lying on the ground for four days.

Noor Jehan reportedly fell into the pond in her enclosure, and lying on the ground for too long can harm her condition. As it has been discussed in the previous news of Noor Jehan that she fights for her life due to KMC’s negligence.

Now, the great news is that Noor Jehan is recovering now. Let’s see what efforts the Zoo team has done for her life.

The zoo team used a crane with a tailor-made harness to help her stand, and although she was willing to walk and took a few steps, she could not balance herself.

noor jehan

The Four Paws team, an international animal welfare group assisting the zoo with elephant care for the past few years, will arrive in the city by Saturday to help.

The team is also trying to get an ultrasound done to check for any injuries in Noor Jehan’s lower abdomen. The elephant receives fluids, medicines, and multivitamins to boost her energy and keep her hydrated.

Noor Jehan was diagnosed earlier this month with a large hematoma in her abdomen, which caused oedema in the reproductive organs, blocking the passage of urine and stool.

The team had recommended medication and physical therapy for her, but the zoo staff reportedly demonstrated negligence, causing concerns among animal activists about the elephant’s survival and well-being.

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