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Revolution Seed, 7Figure Agency Masterclass By Hamid Mahmood

“7 Figure Agency Masterclass by Hamid Mahmood” recently took place at The University of Lahore, welcoming 500 entrepreneurs from various industries as part of an impactful and entrepreneurial knowledge event aiming to achieve seven figures annually. Read more.

Under the mentorship of Master Trainer Hamid Mahmood and with the support of the University of Lahore Management, the event attracted CEOs and professionals from across the country.

Esteemed individuals from diverse business and technology sectors imparted their valuable insights through impactful speeches, aiming to broaden the knowledge of emerging professionals. 

The Masterclass event commenced with reciting The Holy Quran and the National Anthem of Pakistan. 

Mr Fakhar Abbas, Head of the Innovation Hub, The University of Lahore, discussed the University’s mission to foster innovation, entrepreneurship, and 21st-century skills. He expressed pride in hosting the 7 Figure Agency Masterclass and emphasized the importance of creating an ecosystem to boost Pakistan’s economic stability. Mr Abbas highlighted the role of the innovation hub in driving the country’s 4th Industrial Revolution and introduced the Diploma of Business Formation at the University.

7 figure agency masterclass by Hamid Mahmood

Mr Usman Raza Jolaha, Co-founder of E-Commerce Pro and President of Volunteer Force Pakistan highlighted the importance of youth in contributing to a thriving tech sector and increasing foreign remittances in Pakistan. He shared his personal experience of selflessly volunteering for the nation’s betterment.

Brig. Abid Cheema, CEO of Silicon Village and the force behind Capital Smart City Islamabad and Lahore discussed the importance of the Smart City Project. Rather than reinventing the wheel, he stressed utilizing the standards established by developed countries to enhance the tech infrastructure, keep up with global trends, excel in e-commerce, and confidently engage with international brands.

Shahrukh Malik, CEO of Molecule Company, discussed their diverse projects focusing on business coaching, marketing services, investment opportunities, and other operational areas.

Then finally, the most awaited thrilling learning experience! Master Training of the 7-Figure Agency Masterclass began!

 “I have been striving to build a mindset shift so people in Pakistan can go beyond.”

-Hamid Mahmood

Mr Hamid Mahmood, CEO of Software Pro Group of Companies, kicked off the event with a bang! He brilliantly shared his lifetime of professional experience, captivating the audience for 4 hours using uniquely interactive and engaging teaching methodologies.

7 figure agency masterclass by Hamid Mahmood

The Masterclass covered essential topics such as finding your purpose, niche and target market selection, agency branding, becoming a sales superhero, naming and pricing services, and the math behind reaching 7 figures. Additionally, the discussion delved into legal formation, employee retention, social proofs, agency SOPs, and scalability, all aimed at enhancing financial success!

The exhilarating Masterclass by Mr Hamid was presented in a truly captivating and interactive style that kept participants wholly immersed and inspired to ask many thought-provoking questions. These enlightening Q&A sessions after each chapter reinforce key concepts in various business models, empowering attendees to achieve new heights of success and understanding. 

This Masterclass proved to be the spark that ignited the entrepreneurial spirit and unlocked the full potential of the knowledge seekers present there.

At the end of the class, the following honourable keynote speakers enlightened the audience with their unique notes. The list of keynote speakers is as follows. 

  1. Mudassar Naeem (CEO of Peak Solutions)
  2. Sahibzada Hussain Ahmad Qasimi (Industry and Ulema linkages Importance)
  3. Mudassar Malik (CEO Apps Genie & CEC Member P@SHA)
  4. Miss. Ammara Awais (Member Board of Governor The University of Lahore) 
7 figure agency masterclass by Hamid Mahmood

As the remarkable Masterclass drew to a close, an awards ceremony was held to celebrate the achievements of the participants. To immortalize the memories of this invaluable event, a group photography session took place, followed by a delightful dinner at the University of Lahore’s Mess Hall. 

A fitting conclusion to an unforgettable and enriching experience for all involved.

The list of key participants includes the following:

  1. Brig. Abid Cheema (CEO of Silicon Village)
  2. Fakhar Abbas (Head of Innovation Hub UOL)
  3. Miss. Ammara Awais (Member Board of Governor The University of Lahore) 
  4. Shahrukh Malik (CEO of Molecule Company) 
  5. Mr Hamid Mahmood, CEO of Software Pro Group of Companies.
  6. Usman Raza Jolaha (Co-founder of Ecommerce Pro, President Volunteer Force Pakistan)
  7. Molana Hafiz Muhammad Ibrahim Abdullah (Member Markazi Ulema Council and Chief Ethical Pro)
  8. Sahibzada Hussain Ahmad Qasimi (Coordinator Markazi Ulema Council Pakistan)
  9. Mudassar Malik (CEO Apps Genie)
  10. Mustafa Namjoom (Founder Gaper.io)
  11. Imran Mushtaq (CEO ExciteBrand)
  12. Hamad Pervaiz (CEO BearPldx)
  13. Mudassar Naeem (CEO of Peak Solutions)
  14. Roshaan Sheikh (CEO of Stipple)
  15. Saba Noreen (CEO UI UX Pro)
  16. Shoaib Baig (CEO Mapple Tech USA)
  17. Zain Amin (CEO Napollo Software Design)
  18. Azeem Malik (CEO of Stackworx)
  19. Mohsin Mushtaq (Director ATO Solutions)
  20. Imran Akhtar (CEO of Apps O Code)
  21. Sheikh Sajawal (Digital Director Digital Dastak)
  22. Shahab Hadi (CEO of BeOner)
  23. Usama Tamimi (CEO of Geekslogicity)
  24. Sohail Ilyas Ch (CEO of Ecom Pro)
  25. Fahad Murtaza (CEO of iSuperCoder)
  26. Fakhar Zaman Khan (CEO of Soft Pyramid)
  27. Nabeel Qadeer (CEO of Direction Skills)
  28. Farhan Riaz (Program Manager UET Incubation)
  29. Saad Munir (CEO of HexaClicks)
  30. Imad Malik (CEO of WEBITECH)
  31. Talha Bin Afzal (CEO of Algoryte)
  32. Muhammad Adnan (CEO of WPBrigade)
  33. Qasim Agha Khan (CEO of Technolangs
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