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The Late Late Show With James Corden 2023

James Corden, a former Gavin and Stacey actor, has become a polarizing and ridiculed TV personality in the past decade. He has been criticized for alleged rudeness to staff, execrable singing turns in screen musicals and an argument with Patrick Stewart at the 2010 Glamour Awards.

When he moved to LA in 2015 to host The Late Late Show, many were sceptical of his ability to succeed. However, after eight years and 1,200 episodes, few could say it was the wrong call.

Corden has left the show to return to London to spend more time with his family, despite turning down a $40 million contract renewal.

While some saw Corden’s talk show as shallow and lowbrow, with gimmicky segments like “Carpool Karaoke,” it was undeniably successful. It had a higher viewership than its predecessor, Late Night with Craig Ferguson, and achieved a staggering number of views on YouTube. To be more entertained, join Disneyland pride nite.

James Corden late show

Adele’s first Carpool Karaoke appearance managed over a quarter of a billion hits. Corden’s show also received 12 Emmy nominations and one win.

While James Corden’s show had some similarities to other US-based late-night talk shows, it differentiated itself by embracing the lighter side of light entertainment. It was not bound by journalistic rigour or deep sincerity but instead aimed to provide a punchy hour of TV that could be broken down into standalone YouTube videos.

Corden’s show was successful because it understood and executed this formula well. It featured a list of interviewees: Adele, Tom Hanks, Kanye West, Madonna, and Prince Harry. While Corden’s interviews were not always the most profound, they were always entertaining.

In conclusion, while James Corden has been a polarizing and controversial figure, it is undeniable that his tenure at The Late Late Show was successful. While he may not have been the quintessential 21st-century talk show host, he understood the formula for providing entertaining content, and he did it well.

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