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TikTok is Currently Testing its New AI Chatbot “Tako” for Content

The rise of AI chatbots, such as ChatGPT, has sparked widespread interest, and TikTok has joined the trend by conducting tests on its own AI chatbot. “Tako,” this chatbot is currently undergoing limited testing in select markets.

Users will find Tako on the right-hand side of the TikTok interface, positioned above their profile and other buttons for likes, comments, and bookmarks.

By tapping on Tako, users can ask the chatbot various questions about a TikTok video using natural language queries or explore new content by requesting recommendations. Scroll down to get more.

Tako: TikTok’s AI Chatbot for Natural Language Queries and Recommendations

When engaging with Tako, TikTok’s AI chatbot, users can expect a seamless experience for discovering and interacting with video content. For instance, if users watch a video about King Charles’ coronation, Tako might suggest asking questions like, “What is the significance of King Charles III’s coronation?”

Furthermore, users seeking video recommendations on specific topics, such as funny pet videos, can ask Tako for suggestions. In response, Tako will provide a results list, including video names, authors, subjects, and links to suggested content. Users can easily access the desired content by clicking on a video thumbnail.

Privacy and Security Considerations Surrounding TikTok’s AI Chatbot

TikTok is Testing AI Chatbot Tako

During its testing phase, the AI chatbot discovered by app intelligence firm has gained attention. TikTok has confirmed that these tests are live, but the current version of the bot has yet to be publicly available in the U.S. Instead, it is being tested in various global markets, including an early limited test in the Philippines. Notably, TikTok ensures that the AI chatbot will not be visible on accounts belonging to minors.

Behind the scenes, TikTok has partnered with an undisclosed third-party AI provider, which has been tailored to meet TikTok’s specific requirements. This modification does not involve any in-house AI technologies from TikTok or its parent company, ByteDance.

Upon launching Tako, TikTok presents users with a pop-up message stating that the chatbot is still considered “experimental” and its feedback may not always be accurate. TikTok emphasizes that Tako should be independent of medical, legal, or financial advice.

Additionally, TikTok discloses that all Tako conversations will be reviewed for safety purposes and to enhance the user experience. However, logging and reviewing customer interactions for bot improvement raises privacy concerns, as the AI conversations are not deleted after the chats end.

TikTok allows users to delete their chats with Tako to address these concerns manually. The extent to which the AI chatbot logs user data, including personal information, remains unclear. Similarly, Tako’s long-term data retention policies and privacy aspects have not been definitively determined.

Wrapping Up

The success of TikTok’s ongoing tests with Tako, its AI chatbot, could threaten Google. Recent trends indicate that Gen Z users increasingly turn to TikTok and Instagram as their primary platforms for searching specific subjects. So, don’t forget to Subscribe to Get Top Trends and get more trendy updates.

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