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Top 10 Dog Health Care Tips: A Golden Guide for Your Dog

Whether you recently got a puppy or have had dogs your entire life, this list of dog care advice is sure to contain something you didn’t know but should.

As a passionate dog lover and someone who has worked in animal hospitals for more than ten years, I can assure you that this extensive list of 10 dog care suggestions will make you a better pet owner.

1. Don’t Overfeed Your Dog

In America, there are more than 50% of fat dogs, and this percentage is rising. Overweight dogs are more likely to have metabolic disorders, cardiovascular disease, joint illnesses, a weakened immune system, and other health issues. They also need to be more mobile, which limits how much they can play, run, or engage in other activities. Feed your pet by the vet’s recommendations, and resist the urge to give in to their puppy dog eyes when they beg for more.

2. Clean Your Dog’s Teeth

Brushing your dog’s teeth for preventative dental care and overall wellness is sometimes underrated. Please make this a regular part of their regimen, and be sure to use dog-specific toothpaste. 

3. Play with Intention

Play knowingly with your dog’s feet, ears, and mouth when you pet and play with them, especially when they are young. You may desensitize children to being touched in these areas when it’s time for nail trimming by caressing their feet, toes, and nails during enjoyable play experiences.

It will be much simpler for your veterinarian to inspect your dog when they come in for checkups if you look in their ears and mouth and get them acclimated to being handled this way.

As a result, your doctor’s job will be more straightforward, your dog will be less anxious during the examination, and your vet will be more likely to notice any irregularities if your dog does have a problem.

4. Keep Your Garbage Contained

Ensure your trash is secure since dogs may consume dangerous, hazardous, or inedible things if they are attracted to the delectable fragrance of your rubbish. Consuming poisonous or foreign materials might need expensive emergency surgery.

Dog Health Guide

5. Healthy Dog Walk

Your dog will benefit from regular walks, including reducing boredom, assisting the digestive system, maintaining a healthy weight, and helping them burn off extra energy. By providing them with a positive outlet, you could also notice that undesirable behaviours, including chewing, barking, or digging, lessen.

6. Add Variation to Combat Boredom

You may break up your dog’s regular schedule by including extra walks or trips. Take them to a dog-friendly location or drive-in theatre for a change of scenery. To keep them cognitively engaged, take them with you while you run errands and swap up their toys.

7. Be Friendly with Your Dog

To thrive, dogs require love and attention. Assure them they are spending much time indoors with you and your family. Play games with them, pay them attention, and give them rewards.

8. Keep Company with Dogs as They Dine

Dogs are pack creatures by nature, and you are a part of their pack. Keep an eye on them while they eat, and continue doing this as a group. When kids see you take an interest in their meals, picky eaters may likewise become more interested.

9. Moisten the Paws of Your Dog

Due to the dry air in cold weather, your dog’s paws may break. If your dog’s feet appear raw or sore after being outside, use pad moisturizer products directly to soothe the discomfort.

10. Fun with Training

Change up the prizes, praise, and sweets. They will enjoy training more, and you will get more excellent outcomes if they regard it as a game rather than something they must endure being chastised. Through this method, you could also discover which rewards your dog reacts to the best.

Always ignore negative behaviour while teaching a dog and reinforce good behaviour using goodies, clickers, petting, and vocal praise. They will realize that to receive a reward, they must comply with your request.


One of the most crucial aspects of providing your dog with quality care throughout their life, from a puppy to an old dog, is to love and support them. The updated puppy checklist is a simple PDF that you may download.

Additionally, consider getting pet insurance to protect your finances if your dog suffers an injury or illness. See more Pet care guides and news on Get Top Trends.

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