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US Philosopher Chomsky Says AI May Move on Independently

US philosopher Noam Chomsky has recently expressed his concerns about the future potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) during an interview with TalkTV UK’s Piers Morgan. Read the full story.

Noam Chomsky, known for his insightful perspectives, discussed the challenges posed by AI and its implications for society alongside the pressing issue of climate change.

Contrary to some alarmist claims, Chomsky dismissed the notion that AI could lead to the destruction of civilization. While acknowledging the possibility that AI could eventually operate independently, he considered it a remote contingency not worthy of serious consideration. Instead, he urged society to focus on more immediate and “real” problems like climate change.

Chomsky emphasized the urgency of addressing climate change, warning that failure to act swiftly would result in irreversible damage. He stressed that humanity has a limited window of opportunity, spanning a couple of decades, to effectively combat climate change before reaching catastrophic tipping points.

In his view, the imminent threats of nuclear war and climate destruction demand immediate attention and resolution.

US Philosopher says about AI

In addition to his concerns about AI and climate change, Chomsky criticized the West’s involvement in the Ukraine conflict. He argued that such involvement posed a risky gamble, suggesting that Russian President Vladimir Putin might use weapons if defeated.

Furthermore, Chomsky voiced apprehensions about the potential consequences of re-election for Donald Trump in 2024. Highlighting Trump’s denial of global warming and his promotion of fossil fuel usage, Chomsky characterized such policies as a death sentence for the environment.

Chomsky also raised concerns about Ron DeSantis, a presidential candidate, due to his enactment of a law in Florida that restricts the teaching of what Chomsky called “authentic American history.” He criticized the law for glorifying the United States, potentially impeding free speech.

Noam Chomsky’s insights shed light on the complex challenges faced by society, urging a thoughtful and proactive approach to AI, climate change, and geopolitical issues. His viewpoints prompt further reflection on these critical matters and their potential consequences for humanity’s future.

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