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HomeTrendingA Family in Las Vegas Witnesses Aliens in Their Backyard

A Family in Las Vegas Witnesses Aliens in Their Backyard

A family residing in Las Vegas had an unusual encounter in their backyard that they believed to be related to Aliens. The incident, witnessed by multiple people, occurred after the family reported a crash in their backyard and observed non-human creatures nearby. Read more.

The sighting was captured on a body camera worn by a Las Vegas Metro police officer on April 30 at around 11:50 pm. The footage showed an object swiftly traversing the sky at a low altitude. According to the American Meteor Society, numerous individuals in eastern California, Nevada, and Utah also witnessed a similar phenomenon of Aliens.

Over a month later, it is now revealed that there was likely an object that crashed in the family’s yard; however, the exact nature of the object remains unclear. Drone footage revealed a circular indentation in the ground, further supporting the possibility of an impact.

Approximately 40 minutes after this alien incident, an individual contacted emergency services to report observing an object descending from the sky and encountering two moving entities on their property. The witness described the beings as towering figures, standing between 8 to 10 feet tall, with prominent, luminous eyes resembling aliens.

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Aliens in Las Vegas

Body camera footage obtained by local media depicted two police officers responding to the report. As they prepared to visit the house, one officer expressed nervousness and shared his sighting of a shooting star before learning about the alleged presence of aliens. Both officers acknowledged the witness’s description of the colossal creatures and recalled witnessing an object falling from the sky themselves.

While the video showed one officer venturing into the backyard for investigation, the corresponding footage was redacted by the Metro police to adhere to privacy laws. A witness at the scene expressed their disbelief in extraterrestrial encounters but admitted that the current situation compelled them to reconsider. Sympathizing with their fear, the officer reassured the witness.

In their quest for additional information, the officers questioned individuals in an SUV who were circling the area if they had observed anything falling from the sky. Simultaneously, one officer continued investigating the backyard while the other engaged with passing neighbours.

As of the latest update, the Metro Police’s inquiry into the incident has not yielded conclusive results. Initially left open for several days, the investigation has since been closed. The family reported multiple visits from authorities as part of the investigation.

Before departing from the scene, one officer jokingly cautioned the family not to contact them if the 9-foot beings returned. Representatives from the nearby Creech and Nellis Air Force bases advised contacting the Metro police regarding the event. At the time, a Pentagon official had not responded immediately to inquiries about the incident.

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