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The Seven Best Films to Watch on TV This Week

Are you tired of endlessly scrolling through streaming sites, searching for the best Films to watch? Sometimes, stumbling upon a classic film while browsing the TV guide can be a delightful surprise.

This article has curated a list of the seven best films airing on terrestrial channels this week. From timeless favorites to critically acclaimed masterpieces, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Don’t forget to watch Eight Harry Potter Films.

Friday 19th May

1. The Quiet Man (2:15 pm, Channel 5)

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Starring: John Wayne, Maureen O’Hara

Synopsis: Sean Thornton returns to his native Galway after growing up in America, hoping to settle down peacefully. However, the quiet life eludes him as he reluctantly disputes with his neighbors, sweetheart, and conscience. This classic film showcases the legendary John Wayne’s charismatic performance alongside the incomparable Maureen O’Hara.

2. Oliver Twist (5:45 pm, Film4)

Genre: Classic Drama

Starring: Alec Guinness, Robert Newton

Synopsis: Based on the beloved novel by Charles Dickens, this timeless drama follows the journey of orphan Oliver Twist as he escapes the brutality of the workhouse. Little does he know the dangers he will face in the dark underbelly of London, especially when he becomes involved with the notorious Fagin and his gang of young thieves. Alec Guinness and Robert Newton deliver captivating performances in this compelling adaptation.

3. Carnival of Souls (11:05 pm, Talking Pictures TV)

Genre: Cult Horror

Starring: Candace Hillgloss, Herk Harvey

Synopsis: Mary Henry, the lone survivor of a tragic car accident, is haunted by strange and horrifying visions. To escape her troubled past, she moves to Utah, only to be drawn to an abandoned fairground that holds eerie secrets. This atmospheric and haunting cult classic is a must-watch for horror enthusiasts, with Candace Hillgloss delivering a captivating performance.

the seven best films to watch on TV this week

Saturday 20th May

4. Newsies: The Broadway Musical (9:55 am, Channel 4)

Genre: Musical

Starring: Jeremy Jordan, Kara Lindsay

Synopsis: Experience the magic of Broadway with this live recording of the hit musical set in 1899 New York City. Follow the story of a group of paperboys who go on strike, rebelling against the harsh treatment by a powerful newspaper baron. Filled with catchy tunes and energetic dance numbers, this extravaganza will entertain audiences of all ages.

5. Great Expectations (1 pm, BBC Two)

Genre: Classic Drama

Starring: John Mills, Alec Guinness

Synopsis: Directed by the legendary David Lean, this Oscar-winning adaptation of Charles Dickens’s masterpiece takes viewers on a captivating journey. The life of a young orphan boy named Pip takes a dramatic turn when he unexpectedly receives a fortune from an unknown benefactor. This windfall propels him into London’s high society, where he must navigate the complexities of love, ambition, and societal expectations.

6. The Burbs (2:10 pm, Channel 5)

Genre: Satirical Comedy

Starring: Tom Hanks

Synopsis: In this hilarious suburban satire, Tom Hanks shines as Ray Peterson, whose peaceful existence is disrupted by the peculiar activities of his mysterious neighbors. As Ray and his fellow suburbanites investigate the strange happenings next door, they uncover a web of bizarre secrets and dark humor. With its blend of comedy and suspense, “The Burbs” is a delightful and entertaining watch.

7. Bad Boys for Life (9 pm, Channel 4)

Genre: Comedy Thriller

Starring: Will Smith, Martin Lawrence

Step into the world of an electrifying comedy thriller that showcases the unparalleled talents of Hollywood stars Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. In this gripping tale, brace yourself as a shadowy figure from the past resurfaces, fixating on the sole objective of assassinating the skilled detective, Mike Lowery.

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