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Threads, New Text Feature App will Launch DM Chat Soon

Threads, the New text-based app, has generated much curiosity since its launch earlier this month. Adding more to its feature, Meta announces to launch DM chat feature soon.

The unique concept of Threads is to allow users to log in using their Instagram credentials, which has piqued interest worldwide, offering a fresh way for people to share their thoughts.

As Twitter faced declining interest due to rate limits and significant changes, Threads emerged as a potential alternative. This app is capturing the attention of users looking for something different from the platform now known as X, owned by Elon Musk.

In a recent interview with The Washington Post, Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, confirmed speculations about Threads incorporating direct messaging (DM) support. This feature will enable users to message each other privately.

While there were initial concerns about the absence of DMs on Threads, Mosseri’s confirmation indicates that the team has heard users’ requests and is actively working to introduce this vital communication feature.

Threads App will Launch DM Chat

According to Mosseri, Threads aims to be a “public square for communities on Instagram that never really embraced Twitter” rather than a direct replacement for the latter. This distinction has left users excited about the possibilities of expressing themselves while maintaining a sense of community unique to Instagram.

Furthermore, the Threads app has introduced a Twitter-like feature for a select group of users, organizing their feeds into “Following” and “For You” sections. The “For You” view offers a blend of posts from followed profiles and recommended accounts, while the “Following” view displays posts exclusively from the users one follows, presented chronologically.

With DM support and continuous improvements, Threads is poised to become a compelling platform for users seeking a more personalized and community-driven social media experience on Instagram.

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