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X Sign was Installed on Twitter’s Headquarter in San Francisco

In an ongoing advancement in Twitter, the city of San Francisco says that they have visited the company’s headquarters, previously known as Twitter, in response to a new flashing “X” sign installed atop the building. The city alleges that the sign was put up without the necessary permit, leading to the issuance of a notice of violation (NOV).

The company’s owner, Elon Musk, recently rebranded Twitter with its Iconic bird logo as “X.” Musk took to Twitter to share a video of the headquarters adorned with the new flashing “X” logo, stating, “Our HQ in San Francisco tonight.”

The complaint filed by the city stated that during the visit, they spoke with representatives from the social media platform and building maintenance engineers. However, they were denied access to the roof area, where the sign is located.

X Sign was Installed on Twitter building in San Francisco

The representatives claimed the structure was a temporary lighted sign for an event. The city authorities clarified that the NOV requires the removal of the structure unless a building permit is obtained to legalize its presence.

Attempts were made again on Saturday to access the roof of Twitter’s building, but once more, access was denied. According to Patrick Hannan, a spokesperson for the city’s Department of Building Inspection, they require a permit to ensure the historical nature of the building is preserved and to guarantee the safe attachment of any new additions to the sign.

The city’s website indicates that a notice of violation can result in various fees, including permit and investigation fees. However, at this point, it remains uncertain what specific fees the company “X” might face for the unauthorized installation of the sign. The situation is currently under scrutiny, and further developments are awaited.

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