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Top 5 Alternatives to Tracxn in 2023

Tracxn, a comprehensive startup information database, boasts a vast collection of details on over one million companies. Its extensive data sets provide valuable information on funding activities and critical decision-makers. As a result, Tracxn proves to be a valuable platform for various purposes, including:

  1. Venture Capital (VC) and Private Equity (PE) Investors: Tracxn aids investors in the VC and PE space by providing crucial insights into potential investment opportunities.

2. Corporations Seeking Growth through Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A): Tracxn is a valuable resource for corporations looking to expand their reach through M&A activities, offering detailed information to facilitate informed decision-making.

3. Startup Founders: Tracxn enables founders to connect with angel investors, facilitating crucial funding for growth and success.

4. Sales Teams: Tracxn is an excellent tool for sales teams searching for new prospects and leads, providing valuable data for effective prospecting.

One noteworthy feature of Tracxn is its data visualization service, allowing journalists to request customized infographics for publication and free access to Tracxn’s extensive data sets.

However, there are other options available for reliable startup data than Tracxn.

There are several compelling alternatives to Tracxn in the market, some of which may better suit your specific needs. Let’s explore the key details of the top five competitors to Tracxn:

1. Crunchbase: Ideal for Sales Prospecting

Crunchbase is a versatile market research tool catering to investors, sales teams, and those involved in acquisitions. One notable advantage of Crunchbase is its seamless integration, allowing users to reach out directly to company decision-makers. This feature makes Crunchbase particularly valuable for sales teams. Additionally, Crunchbase offers the following features:

  • Comprehensive startup funding details.
  • Insights into the funding rounds of startups.
  • Historical data on a startup’s operational timeline.
  • In-depth analysis of a company’s acquisition history.
  • Information about investors and their portfolios.

While limited information is free, Crunchbase offers a Pro plan priced at $49 per month (billed annually) for more detailed company information and prospect contact details.

2. PitchBook: Ideal for Corporate M&A Endeavors

PitchBook, a capital market intelligence database, proves invaluable for investors and M&A teams seeking insightful data. With information on over three million companies and 400,000 M&A deals, PitchBook’s M&A overview feature is particularly advantageous for expanding its company or portfolio through mergers and acquisitions. Key features of PitchBook’s M&A overview tool include:

  • Identification of acquiring parties.
  • Insights into deal structures and closed transactions.
  • Review of purchase prices and company valuations.
  • Examination of a company’s financials.
  • Access to information on advisors involved in specific M&A deals.
  • Contact details for lead advisors on M&A deals.
  • Comparative analysis to assess potential M&A deals.

To explore the capabilities of PitchBook for M&A and investment research, reaching out to the company for a demo, trial, and price quote is necessary.

3. Mattermark: Ideal for Building Investment Portfolios

The Mattermark analytics platform offers extensive data on both public and private companies, encompassing over four million entries. For venture capital (VC) portfolio building, Mattermark proves highly beneficial, providing the following features:

– Access to a company’s funding history.

– Identification of startups ready for a new funding round.

– Filtering of companies based on specific locations.

– Metrics reflecting changes in a company’s headcount over time.

– Insights into web traffic and media mentions.

– Contact information for key decision-makers at target companies.

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4. CB Insights: Ideal for Uncovering Competitor Insights

best Tracxn Alternatives of 2023

CB Insights stands out as a cutting-edge business intelligence platform that caters to diverse needs, ranging from monitoring technological trends in the industry to conducting in-depth venture capital (VC) research. Its exceptional features make it a go-to resource for startups seeking a competitive edge and a deeper understanding of the market landscape. By leveraging CB Insights, you can gain invaluable insights into your competitors’ activities and proactively anticipate market changes. Here’s how CB Insights empowers you:

  • Unveil Investment Patterns
  • Stay Informed on Funding Progress
  • Explore Closed Deal Magnitude
  • Uncover Tech Stacks and Tools
  • Assess Board Member Composition
  • Predict Future Acquisition Potential

Venture capital and private equity firms can also leverage the power of CB Insights to gain in-depth knowledge about their competitors’ investment activities. CB Insights caters to varying user needs and offers different access levels accordingly. To experience the platform firsthand and obtain pricing information, contact the CB Insights team for a personalized demo and a detailed price quote.

CB Insights not only equips you with unparalleled competitor intelligence but also offers an engaging and intuitive user experience. Stay one step ahead in the fast-paced business landscape with CB Insights by your side.

5. Dealroom: Perfect for Founders Seeking Strategic Investors

Dealroom is a comprehensive database boasting a wealth of information on over two million startups and over 120,000 investors. This extensive coverage, ranging from angel investors to prominent firms, makes it an excellent choice for ambitious startup founders searching for investment opportunities.

What sets Dealroom apart is its innovative investor matching tool, which simplifying identifying suitable investment prospects for your company. By leveraging this tool, founders can seamlessly connect with investors who align with their vision and goals.

Here’s how startups can leverage the power of the Dealroom platform:

  • Gain Insights into Investor Strategies
  • Explore Investor Portfolios
  • Identify Relevant Funding Stages
  • Locate Investors by Country and Sector

Dealroom presents a compelling solution for startups and investors worldwide. Its diverse functionalities make it an indispensable resource for founders seeking strategic partnerships and investment opportunities.

To explore how the Dealroom platform can benefit your startup, simply reach out to the company and schedule a personalized demo. By doing so, you can gain firsthand experience of the platform’s capabilities and receive a detailed price quote tailored to your specific needs.

Embrace the power of Dealroom and unlock a world of investment possibilities for your startup.

Final Thoughts

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